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the homepage of Brother J.

Well, just a couple of words about myself. My real name is Dmitry. I'm from Russia. I was born on 22th, the March of 1985 in town called Elektrostal, district of Moscow. Now I'm the sixth-year student of Moscow Engineering Physical Institute (MEPhI) on faculty of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (department of Mathematical Modelling of Physical Processes). There's something I like and something I just hate in studying in University, but on the whole, I'm very pleased with it. Because of besides my study (that takes a lot of time!) I have the job, it turns out that I actually live in Moscow.
About my hobbies... Music is something I really like and ready to listen to it forever. I enjoy old music, mostly from '50-60s. Early rock'n'roll (Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and so on), Elvis Presley (especially I appreciate the sounds the King made in the '70s), The Beatles (like for others they were the beginning point for me), The Beach Boys (they're really great, I just adore perfect vocal harmonies! I also love anything related to them, including the whole sunshine pop and soft psychedelic musical styles), The Rolling Stones (but only the '60s - the period with Brian Jones), Elton John (except the late years), The Doors (though on the whole, it's not my kind of music) and many other groups of that period without heavy sound. Also I appreciate classic country music and great singers like Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Andy Williams, Bobby Darin. Well, I really don't know why I'm writing all these lines, because if you're truly interested in my music tastes, you should go to the "Music" section and look the almost complete list of music I have. By the way, a music was the reason for making this homepage, because the main purpose of this site is to help me to find a people who have similar flavors and who I can trade with.
Cinema is another hobby of mine. Among the films I love there's a lot of classical pictures and also some "weird" movies. Favorite directors are Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Milos Forman. Probably someday I'll add the "Video" section to this site where I will place the list of movies I have.
Among other things I find pleasure in are programming (Assembler, Pascal, PHP, JavaScript and so forth), designing (WEB-design, HTML-coding) and solving various mathematically stated physical tasks. The first and the second were the big hobbies of mine years ago, meanwhile the last is what I actually like now.
So, I don't know what more can I tell you? If you want to contact me, go to the "Contact" section. And I'm very sorry for my bad English, I'll be very grateful if you write me and correct my language mistakes and typos.

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